Why analog film wedding photographer ?

When we talk about analog and film photography to future bride and groom, they reply that it was used by our parents before. Why a film wedding photographer in 2017 ? Is this a fashion-retro style or a real technical choice ? What is the consequence on the work of your wedding photographer ?

1 – A different approach for a wedding photographer

As a wedding photographer, we are used to bride and groom’s questions about final products or prices range. In reality, if you want to make the right choice, you should focus on the photographer style ! One thing you should know about film photography is that it is often guarantee of quality and authenticity. We think much more before shooting because we know that an image is a miracle ! You will enter in a wonderful world of photography.

2 – Unique and rare : Fashion or not ?

We live in a world of speed. We can see everything in seconds and we copy paste a lot ! Analog photography is back because we want to breathe. Behind this retro and nostalgic idea that could be seen as a fashion choice, there is a real consistent method of working.

Analog film wedding photographer

It is not a fashion phenomenon but rather a coherent and reflective technical choice

3 – Connected to the moment

Year after year, we learned a lot working with digital cameras on a lot of weddings. We did a good job and nice stuff, but we also realized that during the most important moment, we were more looking on our camera that on the moment. The fact is when you can see the picture on your screen, you are always checking if the image is good. The consequence is that you are disconnected from what is happening. With analog cameras, you can not see the image and when you are confident with your skills, then you create amazing pictures because you take the time to think of what you do !

Simple things sometimes remain our sweetest memories

Analog film wedding photographer

4 – Rigor, precision and requirement

As a film photographer, you need to be really precise. You can not make images and rely on post-production ! Everything is double checked, metered and you need to perform like a very high level athlete. With good practice, you obtain amazing results that are full of emotions and colors ! You will be so surprised to discover them !

5 – An experience to live

There is a real experience to live together. We could share our passion for photography with you and also make you practice with us ! Discover the softness of film and unique grain in images. You will also have a “scan” version in order to share on the web. Yes, all is possible : the modern of scan and the classical way of shooting with negatives : together !

Analog film wedding photographer

At an engagement session, after making the adjustments, I gave the camera to Elsa who looked at Hippolite and pressed the shutter button on her own. So he was not looking at the photographer, but her beloved one!

Analog film wedding photographer

6 – Medium format / Fine Art format

What is medium format ? To make it simple, when you use a digital camera, the most important is the lense and the sensor. Bigger is the sensor, better is the quality of the image. This is why smartphone are not good when you deal with bad light conditions : The sensor is too small for that. Medium format are big sensor and create amazing depth of field too : A perfect combination for fine art !

7 – Analog is organic

Digital is sharp, like 1 and 0 whereas organic is touchable and soft. You could compare this to music. When you listen to a vinyl, you can “feel” the sound more than on digital cd. Film react really differently to nature, water, trees and human skin too ! Imperfection is perfect !

8 – High dynamic range

Dynamic range is the difference between shadow and light zones of an images. Light could have different intensity on the same image. Film react better and can handle much more details in those situations.

A render more natural, softer, as in reality


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