5 Steps to find a Great Wedding Photographer in Bordeaux

In the jungle of wedding market in Bordeaux, this is sometime hard to find a great wedding photographer. How can you manage to find your photographer if you do not live in Bordeaux, but want to get married there ? Follow those 5 steps could help you to find YOUR wedding photographer in Bordeaux.

1. Google is king

We don’t need to introduce google, your favorite tool to help you with your wedding. To choose a Bordeaux wedding photographer, it can help, but this is not the only way to disocver the artist you are looking for to document your wedding with a special vision.

2. Directories

They are many directories listing wedding photographers that we can filter by location. But which directory is the right one for you ? You should look to the directory of your style. You will not find the same photographer on a high quality prenium directory like ISPWP,(Best wedding photographers of the world with strict conditions of entries – minimum 50 weddings + portfolio examined by qualified judges) WPS or Fearless for exemple, that on mariages.net which is more affordable. Think about the price you want to pay and which kind of wedding photographer you like in order to look in the right directory and avoid wasting time, in Bordeaux or anywhere else !


3. Word of mouth : Bordeaux and surroundings !

Ask a Wedding Photographer in Bordeaux about the origin of their client. You will be surprised to know that most of the time, “word of mouth” is the best way to stay in business, year after year. But if you do not live in Bordeaux, it is hard to have friends that already booked a wedding photographer in Bordeaux. You could ask the reception place you are getting married in to give you advice and their review about photographers : Notoriety is also a good way to avoid bad surprises. Anyway, call your photographer and have a skype session to be sure that he speaks english too !


Call your photographer to be sure he speaks english and lives in Bordeaux

5 steps finding great wedding photographer in Bordeaux

4. Your Wedding planner could help you to find your wedding photographer in Bordeaux

If you have a wedding planner, you will probably have the choice of good wedding photoraphers in Bordeaux. It is a good way to trust him, but sometime, you will not have a direct contact with the photographer, and the images will be maybe less customized. In fact, your photographer needs to know you. Trust is the key. Of course, it depends of the time you have but try to organize a skype session with the photographer, even if you do not live in Bordeaux to make sure that you like his artistic vision.

5. VIP wedding showrooms : You could find your photographer !

Each year, many showrooms are organized in Bordeaux. If you are passing through the city of your dream, you could have a look of the wedding showrooms to find ideas. Sometime, you can find artist photographers that also make fine art. Maybe you are looking for something special for your wedding ? Follow your dreams and you will find the right photographer for you and he will let to you a treasure : Endless memories for you and your next generation !


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