Travelling for life

Art of constant wonderment

They say that the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. This is not always true. The water is, however, more blue in a foreign sea. And this is indeed worth seeing. Anyway, where do these photos come from? Perhaps they are a way to make a record of our passage in this world and to forget for a while that we are fragile mortal creatures who do not possess any of the beauties of the nature for good? And what if there is more to it all? What if there is another life waiting for us somewhere out there? Maybe there is nothing unusual after all and it is the passage itself that counts and rewards us with memories. The magic of time, place and chance contribute to the images and, above all, to our Story of Life.

Elopement photographer Hawaii


elopement, surf, adventure, love, passion

The pilgrimage is a voyage taken to meditate and renew our spiritual life. Long ago, the chieftains of tribes defied the wild ocean surfing on a long wooden board. Thus, they proved their power before their people. Now the ocean calls me.
Elopement photographer Venice

Venetian mask

Venice, romantic, carnaval, art

When we think about Venice, we feel its warmth and smell fragrances of its romantic past. We need to trust our inner sense in the maze of narrow passages to dream and discover the Venetian history. Gondolas move smoothly in the rhythm of birdsongs. The carnival brings a sense of mystery on the whole city.
Honey moon elopement photographer costa rica

Pura Agua

Costa rica, love, pure, art, precious, honey moon

Water is our natural treasure. It both circulates and sustains life incessantly. Water is everywhere. Following rivers and streams running wild, men have always been exploring the Unknown. This is our natural element. We love water. It is our guide. It keeps us calm. To glide is to live fully, that is - to live "Pura Aqua"
Wedding Elopement Photographer Costa Rica Adventure

Into the wild

Love, adventure, costa rica

The wilderness offers us both the best and the worst of the natural world. You can find a thin dividing line between the greatest beauty and the most palpable danger. Some people seek inspiration in the wild nature, others lose themselves completely in it. In the end, the real question is: who are we in the state of nature?
Elopement destination photographer vietnam

Human wealth

Vietnam, adventure, travelling, portrait

Diversity is human wealth beyond any limits. 54 ethnic groups inhabit Vietnam. Each of them welcomes us with a smile. They are smiling – incessantly. The less we possess, the more we give to others...
Elopement destination photographer vietnam

The north road

Vietnam, adventure, motobike, nature, wild

Travelling means attentiveness and discovery. We learnt that for a moment other people may count more than ourselves. We were witnesses to great beauty offered by "the north road"