We believe in our differences

We have always believed in the beauty surrounding us everywhere. Whether it is in the people we meet or in nature, or in other discoveries while exploring the globe, “love is all around us. I feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my toes, The love that’s all around me, And so the feeling grows.” Love is present in our images because it is the core of our being and day-by-day inspiration. Marriage is a form of expression of love between two human beings. That is why it fascinates us. Love may also be celebrated in many other ways. It reveals itself in a passion or contemplation of the infinite beauty in the world around us.


We work with the analog camera

Our view

For 15 years we have been experimenting with creating images with all sorts of cameras (vintage, reflex, bridge, compact and even Iphone!). We have come to the conclusion that all this technology may make us… lazy! Relying on creativity is much more interesting. It forces to explore new camera angles, to move, to go backwards and forwards, to run or even to jump if that is necessary to get original and surprising images.

What is special about the analog camera?

We like using analog cameras which require film to make a photograph. With no memory card, we are left with 12 – 36 images per film, which gives the quality much different from digital photography. “Vintage” analog cameras can surprise and rediscover the art of photography!

Take advantage of this exceptional image quality

Are you still asking yourself why you should choose photographer with an analog camera in hand? Do not hesitate any more – you will fall in love with these images so natural, gentle, full of light and palpable at the same time. Do not miss the chance and indulge yourself in that unique photographic experience. Let your instinct be your pilot!

We make art

The need for creativity is in everybody. Creation is something special. Everybody has their own voice in creative effort. For us, images are our creation to which we submit ourselves. Art with capital A requires sacrifice.

Our voyages through different cultures inspired us deeply to create our new project focusing on originality, history and romance. It springs up from our profound desire to share with you what is most beautiful and worthwhile on earth.

Now we are proud to offer you Revelak collection. Each of its images is a subtle combination of two (or more) photos. Their inherent poetry is intensified by the juxtaposition. This innovative concept stands for Ossaphoto reference in respect of artistic standards and accomplishments.